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Learn Dutch

Try speaking, listening, reading and writing in Dutch with our Complete Dutch online course. With Dutch lessons covering everything from learning basic vocabulary to advanced grammar, our interactive lessons will get you speaking Dutch confidently in no time.

Dutch for Business

Do you want to speak Dutch with confidence in the workplace? This course covers things like local workplace etiquette, norms and business-specific vocabulary. With Dutch as an official language in six countries, you never know where it may take you.

Dutch Pronunciation

Our dedicated Dutch pronunciation lessons will teach you all you need to know about the Dutch language and how it sounds. Hear native speakers pronounce those tricky words, then you’ll be given plenty of opportunities to practise and get feedback.

How to really learn Dutch online

What you’ll do How it works
1. Study Our bite-sized Dutch lessons mean you can study Dutch as much or as little as you want. Keep it interesting with comprehension exercises, listening exercises, writing challenges and conversations. Plus, our personalised Study Plan helps keep you on track when learning Dutch online.
2. Remember Our smart vocabulary and grammar review tool knows which words you’ve learned, and which ones you’re struggling with. We will tailor your quizzes to help lodge words into your long-term memory.
3. Test yourself Put everything you’ve learned into practice without the stress. Complete a written or spoken exercise, send it out to our community of native speakers, then receive helpful feedback that will help you improve – all within the app.

3 things you didn't know about the Dutch language

1. It’s an exclusive club

There are only around 24 million Dutch speakers in the world, compared to 1,132 million English speakers. So by learning Dutch, you’re joining a very exclusive club.

2. Santa Claus was Dutch

Well, not exactly, but the name Santa Claus originated in the Dutch language. So did brandy, cookie, gin, and waffle. Thank you, Dutch!

3. The Dutch language loves consonants

Consonant-heavy Dutch words like dichtstbijzijnde (nearest), slechtstschrijvend (worst writing) and angstschreeuw (cry of fear) can be tricky to pronounce. But not to worry – our Dutch classes will help you tackle tricky words without letting out a angstschreeuw!

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